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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve decided to enter VMJC... What do I do now?

Congrats on taking that step to compete at VMJC!! It’s a great event and you will get a lot out of it. The camaraderie and experience is wonderful.


Steps to entering:

  1. Jump onto the VMJC website:

  2. Click on the registration link and complete your details here:

  3. Update VMJC with any changes to your registration as soon as possible here:

  4. Respond to VMJC when sent the registration confirmation email (1 week prior to the competition date). This is extremely important to make sure you are able to dance in all the sections you would like to enter and with the correct partner.

  5. Check the running order to confirm where you need to be and when:


Steps throughout the weekend:

Friday Night Dance Party

  1. Confirm the venue location and details about this part of the weekend:

  2. Attend the Friday Night Dance Party to Check-in for the competition (see check-in procedure below).

  3. Enjoy the party!


Saturday Comp Day 

  1. Turn up at Fed Square on the Saturday nice and early to warm up, spruce up and prepare yourself to dance:

  2. Check which heats you need to be in, FREE WIFI is available at Fed Square:

  3. Keep an eye on your watch and the running order:

  4. Go to the marshaling area when called by the MC’s.

  5. The marshals will tick you off the list for your heat and will give you a coloured dot to wear (on the front of your costume).

  6. The marshals will direct you to the holding area where you will wait to go onto the dance floor.

  7. Wait side stage and follow the instructions of the assistant stage manager.

  8. When directed by the assistant stage manager find your place on the dance floor.

  9. Listen to the music, dance and HAVE FUN!!


Sunday Workshops and Tea Dance

  1. Book online:

  2. Check the schedule:

  3. Rock up on the day and have a great dance!!


What happens at competition Check in?

When pre-registered dancers arrive, they will need to give their name to the volunteers at the check-in table, who will confirm that they have registered and paid.

Dancers will be asked if they think there might be any changes to their registrations. A trouble shooting desk will be available to assist you if you have any changes or issues with your registration.

Once all details are confirmed, the volunteer will issue you with a bib number. Your bib number is a white felt square with a number on it. This is used so that the judges can identify you when you are dancing and allocate their scoring to the correct dancers. Your bibs should be worn on your costume at the back. You will be provided with safety pins to attach your bib.

If you completed your registration during the early bird period you may pick up your early bird gift at check-in.


How does marshaling work and where do we marshal? 

Marshaling is used to make sure that competitors are ready to go on stage for their allocated heats on time. At VMJC we have an assigned area for dancers to marshal prior to their heats. The marshaling area is located on the top area of Deakin Edge and is directly ahead of you when you are walking in to the venue. The marshals will give you a coloured dot sticker to wear so that the judges can easily determine which couples are which (the colours match up with what they see on their judging device for each heat). Please wear the coloured sticker on the FRONT of your costume.


When do we marshal?

Marshaling for each section happens during the section before. For example: Advanced dancers will be called to the marshaling whilst the Intermediate Plus dancers are competing on the stage.


How do we know which heats we are in?

Gone are the days of posting heat sheets on the walls… At VMJC we are saving the planet and have a webpage that you can look up to see which heats you have been allocated to. The web address is:

You can refer to this page as you progress through the competition so that you can see if you have made it through to the next rounds.


How does the progression of rounds work?

Progressions of the rounds works slightly differently for each category although the main philosophy at VMJC is that everyone gets to dance twice (dancers do not get knocked out after one dance, if they don’t go through to finals they have the opportunity to dance in a repechage as a second opportunity to progress to the next round) and that we use a scoring system to facilitate that the 3 best dancers have an opportunity to progress to the finals, regardless of which heat they start in. 


What is the size of the stage?

The floor level stage is an irregular rectangle and measures 13m and an average depth of 11.5 m.

Stage left – W 8380mm
Stage right – W 10540mm
Stage front – W 13240mm
Stage Back – W 11980mm
Stage Depth front to back – 9000mm


Is there a dressing room?

Yes, there are dressing rooms and toilets located near the stage area within Deakin Edge. Please note: You may only enter the dressing room in between heats as access is from the stage area and can disrupt the competitors.

Here you have access to a microwave for heating food as well as baby food/milk etc.

Additionally, there are toilets available just outside of the Deakin Edge venue.


Where can I warm up?

We have created a warm up area within the venue. Please ask at Front of House to be directed (or you may even see people there preparing when you walk in).


What food options are there at each event?

Friday night - A bar for alcoholic drinks is available
Saturday - Kiosk for drinks and snacks plus yummy toasties, buddha bowls and soups available on site.
Sunday - Snacks and drinks available at reception.


What are my parking and transport options?

The Space Dance & Arts Centre:

Federation Square Parking: Parking is available on site at a charge:

Journey Planner: Here is a journey planner to help you make your way to The Space or Fed Square via Public Transport: