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Music MashUp

Who Doesn't love a music MASHUP?!?!?

What is a music mashup I hear you ask? And how does that relate to Modern Jive?

A music mash-up, in a nutshell, is where 2 or more pieces of music/songs are blended together to form a new piece of music. Technically, the music should be overlaid or mixed up so that fragments from all songs are in the new piece in a non-sequential way.

In Modern Jive our music mash ups are more like medleys of songs that can either be pieces of music that increase or decrease in tempo or perhaps medleys of songs from different genres. Occasionally we get excited and mix different speeds AND different genres... so much fun to be had... he he he

This event is open to any level dancers but would normally be suited for Intermediate Plus and above.

Dancers Excluded

Baby Aerials: Allowed
Full Aerials: Not Permitted

Number of Songs
Heats: 1 Song
Final: 1 Song

Music Tempo
110 - 150 bpm

Music Length
2 – 4 mins

Judging and Other Notes
Each partnership will be judged as a couple.
This is a ‘fun’ category but the judges will be judging this seriously.
You will be judged in the same manner as per standard freestyle.