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DWAS Intermediate Plus

Dance with a Stranger Intermediate Plus


  • 2 yrs plus,
  • You may choose to lead or follow regardless of your gender.
  • Beginner Teachers,
  • Beginner Recap teachers can enter at this level. - If you won DWAS in a lower level you must move up a level if that win is more than 12 months prior to this competition.

Dancers Excluded
If you teach Intermediate or Higher Modern Jive Classes &/or if you have placed 1st or 2nd (not 3rd) in a national championship at intermediate Plus level or higher more than 12 months prior to this competition.

Aerials (optional)
Baby Aerials: Allowed.
Full Aerials: Allowed.

Number of Songs
Heats: 1 Song
Final: 1 Song

Music Temp
110 - 150 bpm

Music Length
3 – 4 mins

Other Notes
Continuous partner changes occur approx every 45seconds, so competitors get to dance with most, if not all, the possible DWAS partners in each heat.

This category is judged and awarded as an individual.

Trophies awarded as 1st, 2nd & 3rd Lead and 1st, 2nd & 3rd Follow.