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See below for some definitions regarding aerials.

Baby Aerial
The move is aerial by nature & the majority of the lifted partner’s weight is below chest height of their partner

The move is aerial by nature & the majority of the lifted partner’s weight is above chest height of their partner

Safety of the other dancers is essential, be considerate of others when executing moves.

General Info

  • An aerial move will be deemed to have finished when at least one foot of the lifted partner touches the floor.
  • When dancing Modern Jive: Remember, it is important that you do not do too many aerials. Whilst 'waves' of aerials can look great they generally mean the lead spending their time standing still and doing lots of lifting. This is not dancing (moving to the music) but is simply providing a platform for the follower and you will be penalised for not demonstrating an ability to dance mainstream modern jive to the music. This also applies to Modern Jive Showcase and Team Events.
  • When performing aerials: please note as much as aerials are impressive to watch modern jive is not only acrobatics, so couples performing a lot of aerials and little floor dancing will be marked lower.
  • Be careful with aerials (this includes entries & exits). Although they are crowd pleasers if they are not performed cleanly & seamlessly they will be marked down.
  • Aerials are allowed at the appropriate levels as long as there is enough room to successfully complete the move without the possibility of injuring others. Again, the majority of the dance should be floor craft with highlights of baby aerials and aerials.