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Music and Lighting Information

Team and Cabaret Competitor Information



Please press "register Individual" below, pop your details in and you will be sent our lighting cue sheet. Please complete it and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.


Please provide us with your music, bios and lighting requests by:


>>> Friday 17th April 2020 <<<


Please send your team or cabaret music to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your rehearsal schedule will be sent out closer to the date, we are still waiting on some team entries which have people competing in multiple routines which will affect the way that we schedule the running order. If you know of anyone that may have a scheduling conflict please ask them to register and to also let us know.


MC Introductions (team & cabaret)

Can you please send us a brief introduction to assist the M.C in announcing you. It only needs to be a small paragraph.  It can include a brief description of the piece that you are performing or something to set up the scene for your piece.

For large teams please avoid listing names of the performers as we will not be able to read them out due to time restrictions.

We are happy to announce you simply as the two dancers that are dancing or the team from wherever you are from - please just let us know if you would like us to do that.



When making your choices please keep in mind that the lighting technician will only see your routine and hear your music once (maybe twice) ie: The less complicated the more likely that you will get what you want.

Your piece can have a maximum of 6 lighting states with up to 10 cues (we recommend 6 – 8 cues).


Here are the lighting states that you can choose from:


  1. Blackout: Blackouts at Deakin Edge are not complete blackouts due to all the glass at Fed Square but you can certainly turn out all lights.

  2. Bright state: Lights on with no effects or colours.

  3. Natural colour wash: Kind of white.

  4. Warm colour wash: Lots of reds and yellows. Nice for romantic pieces.

  5. Cool colour wash: More blues. Starker effect.

  6. Flashing lights: Disco-ish effect.


Ways of transitioning from one cue to another:


  1. Fade: Eg: Fade to black and fade to bright state. This gradually increase or decrease the intensity of light

  2. Snap: Eg: Snap to blackout or Snap to warm wash. This will change the state of the lighting from one state to another without a fade.


Here is an example to follow when you are emailing us your selection:

Walk out in... blackout?? or bright state?? (decide on the look you are after).







0 secs


Dancers Start on stage


1:35 secs

Fade in Warm lighting



2:35 secs

Snap to Flashing Lights



3:19 secs

Snap to Cue 1

Black with Spotlight on the dancers


3:30 secs

Fade to full Blackout



If you are unsure as to what lighting selections to make please let us know the mood of your piece and we will light it accordingly eg: Starts romantically, moves to chaotic and finishes warm and gushy. If you can give us a rough time code with these moods that would be even better.


NB: no lamps will be rigged during the rehearsal, and that with only one run through, complicated lighting changes - particularly ones relying on musical cues are likely to go wrong.


Remember that the focus of the performance should be on the performance, not on the technology around it.


These requests will aid in a smooth rehearsal time for you and your partner/team, giving you more time to get used to the stage area.


Not long to go!!
The Victorian Modern Jive Team

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