All competitors must register on the friday night at the dance party.
Dancers must pay a $10 deposit per bib and collect a number as allocateby the organisers.
You must arrive on time for registration otherwise you will forfeit your entry.

The Dance Itself
Modern Jive Timing (dancing on the down-beat) must be present throughout the dance. 
Modern jive content has to be a minimum of 80%.

Music will be selected by the organisers, ranging from 40’s to today's latest hits. Song tempo will vary depending on the level.

When competing on the floor
Half way through the heat the front couples will be asked to dance to the back and the back couples will be asked to dance to the front.

Girl/Guy Battle
Same sex partners (girl oheats). The 1st place wincompete against the 1stbattle, the winner will bethe sexes winner!

Dance With a Stranger (DWAS)
Multiple couples will be on the dance floor at one time, couples will rotate throughout the song. Each person will be judged as an individual throughout the DWAS section. As you rotate through you may dance with your regular dance partner in this section.

Freestyle Categories
Multiple couples will be on the dance floor at one time, except for the spotlight dances.

Cabaret and Teams
One pair of couples, one couple or one team will be dancing to their chosen song at any one time on the floor. Maximum duration per performance is 4:30 minutes. Music must be provided with the entry form in CD format.

Progressing into the next level
See each category for details.  In keeping the championships fair and ethical, the organisers of this event reserve the right to change dancers’ level at their discretion.

Stage Dimensions
The floor is uneven in its dimensions.

Stage left – W 8380mm
Stage right – W 10540mm
Stage front – W 13240mm
Stage Back – W 11980mm
Stage Depth front to back – 9000mm

Green Room
There is a dressing room area for all the competitors. Please ask at the ticket booth for directions. There is a microwave available for heating baby food etc..

Please note: You may only enter the dressing room in between heats as access is from the stage area and can disrupt the competitors.