General notes:

  • If you placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the lower level more than 12 months prior to these championships you must move up to the next level of competition (other than for masters/championship level where only 1st place moves up).
  • You must compete at the highest level of the couple.
  • In keeping the championships fair and ethical, the organisers of this event reserve the right to change dancers’ level at their discretion.
  • Competitors may compete at one level of Freestyle only.
  • Competitors may compete at one level of DWAS only eg: You may not compete in Int Freestyle and in Advanced Freestyle.
  • Competitors can compete at a different level for different categories subject to you fitting the criteria for each level eg: You may compete at Advanced DWAS and Intermediate Plus Freestyle.
  • As long as they qualify, dancers may compete at one level lower than the highest level at which they have previously competed eg: If a competitor was forced to moved up a level last year because their partner at that time was in a higher level, they do not have to compete at the higher level again this year if they 1. Did not place & 2. still qualify for a level one lower than the one at which they competed.

Please note: Modern Jive competition is about being open, honest and fair in your decision to compete at a particular level. You should know what level you are – if in doubt, ask your teacher/director. It may not be possible to squeeze you into a lower level at the last minute so make sure you register at the correct level. 

Champions (Masters)
You only progress from Advanced to Champions if you have Placed 1st in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, New Zealand &/or Perth in advanced freestyle.

Special Dispensation (Champions Only)
If you have not placed in champions & not competed in the last 4 years, you are eligible to apply for dispensation to compete at advanced at the discretion of the Directors.

In all levels the Modern Jive teacher is eligible to dance one level higher than their current Modern Jive teaching level

Beginner Progression – May dance at Intermediate Level or above.
Intromediate or Bridging Class - May dance at Intermediate Level or above.
Beginner Mainstream – May dance at Intermediate Level or above.
Intermediate Mainstream – May dance at Advanced Level or above.
Advanced Mainstream/ Specialised workshops – May dance at Advanced or above.
Directors/Professional Dancers – May dance at a minimum of Advanced unless they are a Winning Champions leveled dancer.
Hosts of the Championship - are eligible to enter Teams Only