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VMJC 2016

Victorian Modern Jive Championships 2016

Melbourne, Australia, 29th-30th April 2016


DWAS Beginner Boys
First: Barney Barnes (Le Bop Melbourne)
Second: Simon McKay (Le Step on the Coast)
Third: Anthony Vido (Le Bop Melbourne)


DWAS Beginner Girls
First: Meow Kueh (Move Your Body/Le Step on the Coast)
Second: Jess Harris (Le Bop Melbourne)
Third: Jessica Ryan (Queensland)


DWAS Intermediate Boys
First: Mathew Flemmer (Ceroc Palmerston North)
Second: Daryl MacLean (Wellington)
Third: Robert Veale (Dunedin; New Zealand)


DWAS Intermediate Girls
First: Olga Mostakis (Le Bop Melbourne)
Second: Jenny Atkins (Palmerston North)
Third: Jennifer Zaslona (Ceroc Wellington)


DWAS Intermediate Plus Boys
First: Grant Walker (CMJ Sydney)
Second: Ben Seyer (Le Bop Melbourne)
Third: Christopher Reeves (Ceroc Southern Lakes New Zealand)


DWAS Intermediate Plus Girls
First: Polina Radchenko (Modern Jive Melbourne)
Second: Alana Muir (Le Step Brisbane)
Third: Jennifer  Robinson  (Le Step Brisbane )


DWAS Advanced Boys
First: Lahiru Amaratunge (Le Bop Melbourne)
Second: Moses Mkusa (Le Bop Melbourne)
Third: Sean O'Connell (Move Your Body)


DWAS Advanced Girls
First: Marie Burns (Le Step Brisbane)
Second: Rebekah Reid (Palmerston North and Wellington)
Third: Beata Khaidurova (Le Bop Melbourne)


DWAS Champions Boys
First: Grant Grinter (Queensland)
Second: Matthew Fairburn (Le Step on the Coast)
Third: Shaun Diaz (Perth/Melbourne)


DWAS Champions Girls
First: Emma Keating (Le Step on the Coast)
Second: Katie Cooling (Le Step Brisbane)
Third Berni Valenzuela (Le Bop Melbourne) 


Freestyle - Beginner
First: Mitchell McCarthy & Meow Kueh (Le Step on the Coast, Move Your Body)
Second: Barney Barnes & Amanda Hopkins (Le Bop Melbourne)
Third: Anthony Vido & Jess Harris (Le Bop Melbourne)  


Freestyle - Intermediate
First: Tyro  Underhill  & Christina Underhill (New Zealand)
Second: Mathew Flemmer & Jenny Atkins (Ceroc Palmerston North)  
Third: Nick Scott & Tania Lloyd (Palmerston North NZ, Le Bop Melbourne)


Freestyle - Intermediate Plus 
First: Ben Jury & Polina Radchenko (New Zealand and Australia, Modern Jive Melbourne)  
Second: Moses Mkusa & Kaarin Goode (Le Bop Melbourne)  
Third: Ben Seyer & Fiona Kaye (Le Bop Melbourne)  


Freestyle - Advanced
First: Nathan van Rij & Rebekah Reid (Christchurch, Palmerston North and Wellington)
Second: Jason Haynes & Joanne Willock (Move Your Body)
Third: Sujit Menon & Jillian Head (Melbourne, Modern Jive Melbourne)


Freestyle - Champions
First: Daniel Rippon & Debbie Keal (New Zealand)  
Second: Zac Skinner & Emma Keating (Le Step on the Coast)  
Third: Grant Grinter & Liz Grinter (Queensland)  


Girl Battle
First: Katie Cooling  & Michelle Stewart (Le Step Brisbane)
Second: Emma Priest  & Laura Hay (Ceroc Melbourne)
Third: Amber  Brownlie & Jennifer Robinson (Le Step Brisbane)  


Guy Battle
First: Matthew Fairburn & Zac Skinner (Le Step on the Coast)
Second: Ben Seyer & Mark Priems (Le Bop Melbourne)
Third: Ben Jury & Matthew Wagstaff (New Zealand and Australia, Le Bop Melbourne)


Mix N Match Boys
First: Tyro  Underhill & Rebekah Reid (New Zealand)
Second: Evan Lister & Amanda Troung (CMJ Sydney)
Third: Mathew Flemmer & Helen Guscott (Ceroc Palmerston North)


Mix N Match Girls
First: Shaun Diaz & Jenny Atkins (Palmerston North)
Second: Patryck Allen & Nicole Mansour (CMJ Sydney)  
Third: Grant Grinter & Jennifer Zaslona (Ceroc Wellington)


Over 40's
First: Matt Robinson  & Deb Robinson (London and Christchurch)
Second: Ben Jury & Alison Zarafa (New Zealand and Australia, Modern Jive Melbourne)  
Third: Greg Munro & Natalie McCann (Move Your Body)  


First: Casey Fowler & Emma Priest & Laura Hay (Somewhere, Ceroc Melbourne, Le Step on the Coast)
Second: Ben Jury & Rebekah Reid & Jenny Atkins (New Zealand and Australia, Palmerston North)
Third: Matthew Fairburn & Emma Keating & Zac Skinner (Le Step on the Coast)  


First: Rowan and Beata (Le Bop Melbourne)
Second: David and Catherine (Melbourne)
Third: Lah and Berni (Le Bop Melbourne)


First: Push Da Button (Modern Jive Melbourne) 
Second: Who Run The World (Le Bop Melbourne) 
Third: Dance Off (Le Step on the Coast)