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I hereby give consent for the organisers of the Victorian Modern Jive Championships to record the championships by any means and use such recordings for whatever purpose and without obligation to me.

I am aware of the risk involved in participating in the Championships and I release the organisers, their proprietors and all involved in the competition from all liability for any claim or demand or personal injury sustained by me arising from my involvement or any association with the Championship weekend.

Furthermore, I will inform any third party for whom I purchase tickets of their obligation to be bound by this disclaimer. I also acknowledge that in the event that DVDs/videos are for sale, they are subject to the following agreement. DVDs/videos may be encrypted with an anti-copying software and are for personal use only and may not be loaned, duplicated, shown in public, used for teaching or instructional purposes of any kind, or displayed for promotional purposes (of Modern Jive or otherwise) except with the written permission of the organisers.

I understand that no refunds will be offered in the event that I change my mind or am otherwise unable to attend the event.

I hereby acknowledge that this event may be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled without notice. I understand that in this event, no compensation for airfare, accommodation or other incidental expenses incurred in my attendance of the event will be paid. In the event of cancellation or change of date by the organisers, a full refund of the ticket price paid will be offered.

I acknowledge that although the organisers will make every effort to present the event at the advertised venues, the organisers reserve the right to change venues at their discretion.