Get any group of three and show off your best ‘Swaps n Steal’ moves.

MFF, MFF, MMF, MMM or FFF – it doesn’t matter.

Three is not a crowd when it comes to this event. It’s just more fun on the dance floor.


Open to all dancers but this category would normally be for our Intermediate Plus, Advanced and Champion dancers.

Open to groups of three dancers only.

Two follows sharing one lead at the same time is classed as ‘triples’.
This is not a ‘triples’ competition.


Baby: Allowed.
Full: Not permitted.


Swaps n Steals can be very entertaining for an audience but since this event combines many advanced dancing skills, judges will also focus on timing, teamwork, technique as well as creativity and X-Factor.

Swaps n Steals should generally look spontaneous and fun (rather than choreographed) and smooth creative steals that do not break the movement of the ‘follow’ dancers will be rewarded by the judges.