Eligibility and Rules


  • This is an open category.
  • You must start in a double handed grip (Crossed or uncrossed)
  • You may NOT break the grip. Ever! (eg A Loophole/Octopus would mean a break of hands. An Illusion spin would also mean a break of hands.)
  • Each partnership will be judged as a couple.
  • If you release your hand-hold you should be honest and leave the dancefloor.
  • If you release your hand-hold and it’s spotted by a judge, you will be asked to leave the floor.
  • This is a ‘fun’ category but the judges will be judging this seriously.
  • The judges will be asked to judge you on timing, technique, teamwork but with an added emphasis on entertainment and creativity.

Dancers Excluded

Aerials (optional)
Baby Aerials: Allowed
Full Aerials: 1 per song.

Number of Songs
Heats: 1 Song
Final: 1 Song

Music Tempo

Music Length
2 – 3 mins

The Final
1 Song


Other Notes

This category is judged and awarded as a couple.
Trophies awarded as 1st, 2nd & 3rd