Champions Freestyle



  • Recognised as a Champions (Masters) Dancer.
  • You may choose to lead or follow regardless of your gender.
  • If you have placed 1st in a national championship at Advanced level or higher more than 12 months prior to this competition.
  • If the couples are multi levels one member must be eligible for Champions and one can be Intermediate Plus or above if dancing up.
  • At the discretion of the Directors an advanced couple can be invited to dance up. In the event they do not place they have the right to drop back down.
  • Special dispensation - If you have never placed in Champions (Masters) & have not competed in Champions (Masters) for last 3 years, you are eligible to apply for dispensation to compete at advanced at the discretion of the VMJC Directors.


Dancers Excluded
Dancers of a beginner or intermediate level.

Aerials (optional)
Baby Aerials: Allowed
Full Aerials: 2 per song.

Number of Songs

Heats: 2 Songs
Finals: See details below.


Music Tempo

Music Length
2 – 3 mins

The Final

The final will consist of 5 or 6 songs. There will be 1 group song, 1 – 2 Directors Choice songs, 1 Own song and a new format called a Rapid Fire Spotlight Dance (see below for Rapid Fire Description).

Other Notes
This category is judged and awarded as a couple.
Trophies awarded as 1st, 2nd & 3rd

The Rapid Fire Spotlight Dance will be danced to one song. All couples will remain on the dance floor for the duration of the Rapid Fire Spotlight, forming a semi-circle around each couple as they dance. Each couple will dance for 1 major phrase of the song (16 Modern Jive counts or 32 straight counts), after which they will return to the semi-circle as another couple moves into the middle to dance. This format will continue throughout the song until ALL couples have danced at least twice.